Claire Gell |

editor and proofreader


Scroll down for down-to-earth help and assistance with your writing…

Queenstown, New Zealand.

How can I help you?

When you publish any text – whether it's a book, an article, or a social media post – that text represents you.

Areas I can help with include grammar, clarity, style and voice, continuity, research, fact-checking, re-writing, word counts, and more – to make sure that your words are clear, interesting, and suitable for your readers.

I work with any topic for a general reader, with particular experience in non-fiction science and nature. I also have experience in some specialised subjects, such as academic film. 






I can read through any piece of your writing and mark up things like:
grammar, spelling, and continuity. I'm happy to look at multiple drafts.

I will proofread your text and also edit it
for clarity. I could also edit for another need such as changing 
the tone to suit a
specific audience.

I can proofread and
copy-edit a larger project, such as a book chapter
or manuscript. I can also liaise with any other people working on the project, such as authors.

Feel free to get in touch if you need a writer. If you have the base information you'd like to get across, but don't have the time to write, let me know!