Previous Projects

After a couple of years with one of DK's jackets (book cover) teams and working alongside the department's PA I moved into a full-time editor role within the science and nature team. I worked on books including Natural Wonders
of the World
and History of the World Map by Map
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DK projects I've worked on


Natural Wonders of the World – published in October 2017

Potentially my favourite book that I've worked on so far. It's a beautiful wanderlust encyclopedia that will make you want to explore the Earth's wonders, but also explains the science of how they came to be.


How Science Works – published in March 2018

No photographs whatsoever in this one. It's a book filled with bright and simple infographics to visually explain the big topics of science. Working on this book's physics section was certainly a learning curve.  


History of the World Map by Map – published in October 2018

As someone who thought they were rubbish at geography and history, this book definitely made history easy to digest. It's packed with maps to show the world's events, rather than full pages of boring text!


How Technology Works – published in April 2019

The follow-up title to How Science Works re-opened my new knowledge of physics and delved in deeper. From toilets to holograms, this one simply explains the inner-workings of today's technology.


Knowledge Encyclopedia: History – published in August 2019

Covering events from ancient times to present day, this book has lots of information in visual chunks that are easy to understand. It also makes use of detailed CGI illustrations to really bring the subjects to life.


The Physics Book – published in March 2020

Another title in DK's brilliant Big Ideas series, this book looks right through the history of physics, covering all the major scientists and discoveries in the field in an approachable and easy-to-digest way.


The Brain Fitness Book – publishes in April 2021

An approachable guide to keeping your brain fit and healthy. Learn how your brain works, then give it a workout with lots of puzzles and exercises. The book also introduces new hobbies you might like to try.