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Cute Pixar print

This totally cute print is by Jerrod Maruyama (he is @jmaruyama on Instagram and Twitter), and we bought it in the Marketplace Co-op store in Disney Springs. I think I saw the artwork on something else at first, maybe a mug, and I said to Eddy, "Wow, if they had a wall print of this I would totally buy it," – only for Eddy to then walk a little further and pick this up. I love it not just for it's cuteness, but because it has characters from all of Pixar's short films as well as their feature length films – at least up until the time we purchased it.

It even has a little graphic of the original Pixar logo: the white square with the circle in it, just above Heimlich the caterpillar (from A Bug's Life). Pixar switched their logo to everyone's favourite lighting appliance Luxo Jr in 1995 for Toy Story.

Above the original logo, here, are the characters from Day & Night, a short film featuring only these two characters, who are both windows into a world that by the end they realise is the same world.

My favourite Pixar short is La Luna, which features the little boy in the flat cap and dungarees. The film follows him as he goes out with his father and grandfather to sweep fallen stars off the moon.

The birds below the boy on the print are from a short called For the Birds, which is a classic silent comedy and also teaches a little bit of a karma lesson to its viewers!

Of course you probably know WALL-E peeping in at the bottom, here, haha.

I'm always so excited to see whatever films Pixar come out with next, their stories are so original and visually stunning. They don't ever seem to put a foot wrong. Whatever the weather, or your mood, you can always turn to Pixar's catalogue for a good story and an emotional rollercoaster.

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