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LEGO Disney castle

We're not huge LEGO collectors or anything, I'm just a big enough Walt Disney World fan (and casual LEGO fan) that when I saw this LEGO castle I really wanted it and knew I'd love building it and having it on display in our home.

It's a replica of Cinderella's castle at Magic Kingdom, which is why I wanted it – it's not just any Disney castle. And, not that I feel I need to defend myself but, it does say on the box that it's for ages 16+, so…

It's got loads of cute little nods to Disney films, as well as just being lovely to look at; it's so intricately designed. Perhaps if we have a child in the future they will be allowed to play with the castle, but only after they have earned the respect of the castle and I know they're not going to eat any of the small parts.

This is the third time I've built the castle and it's finally staying up now. Obviously when I deconstructed the castle, I deconstructed it by reading the instructions backwards and packing all the pieces into the correctly numbered bags – I don't hate myself! Can you imagine trying to build it again by fishing out the tiny pieces you need from ALL OF THEM? There are 4080 LEGO pieces! No. As with the past two times I've built it, I went wrong a couple of times, but I think slightly less times than before, and nothing too bad that meant I needed pull loads of parts off.

Sadly, this is the only Disney castle I'll be seeing in the flesh for at least a year. I was particularly looking forward to this trip as my mum, dad, and brother were coming with us. It's over 10 years since our last family Disney trip so I was looking forward to showing them all the new stuff and reliving some of the things we did together before. I'd also found a picture of the four of us in front of the Magic Kingdom castle on our first family holiday in 2001, so I'm hoping we can recreate it when we eventually go again!

We'll have to wait at least another year until we can see Tink flying out from the top of Cinderella's castle.

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