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Disney rings

I have two rings that are Disney-themed, the first is my ring with the little Mickey Mouses on. I like to wear rings and I decided I would buy myself a Disney ring when I worked at Walt Disney World for the summer in 2015. I wanted a nice, simple, and sturdy one that I could wear all the time, one that wasn't blatantly Disney from afar, but classically Disney up close.

One of the great things about being a cast member at Walt Disney World was that we had access to a shop called Cast Connection. It was a really big shop in the behind the scenes area of Magic Kingdom. It sold all sorts of items, from last season's merchandise to veg that was going out of date. You were only allowed to buy from there if you had a cast member ID, and because it sold mostly discontinued merchandise there were some really good discount prices. I was pleased when I found this ring in my size.

My other ring is my original engagement ring; it's the ring Eddy proposed to me with in New Zealand. I wear this ring on my watch strap every day, because it's actually too big for my skinny fingers, and apparently I can't get it resized because of all the fluting bits around it.

Eddy bought this ring to propose with so that he wasn't carrying around an expensive ring that might get lost on our flights to the other side of the world. He'd also decided he was going to propose on the day that we went out kayaking together in the Bay of Islands so didn't want it to end up getting dropped in the sea. All of this on top of the fact that it was even more likely to get lost after he'd proposed, because then it would be in my possession.

I lost it.

But then we found it. I'd been wearing it on my thumb since it was too big for my fingers, but then when we'd been putting away laundry in the campervan it had slipped off while I was putting a pile of clothes in a cupboard. After searching most of the campsite, and all our laundry, I found it in the cupboard!

Any eagle-eyed Disney fans may have noticed how it is Disney-themed. The gems in the ring are colours that represent Ariel, the little mermaid – red, purple, and green. Eddy knows The Little Mermaid is my favourite Disney film. He didn't realise that the ring also came with a choice of Disney inscription inside the ring, so it came with the default phrase: "My new dream" on it. Even though that's from Tangled, I really love the "my new dream" theme that runs through the film's love story. Throughout the film Rapunzel and Flynn Rider talk about what they'll do after they achieve their dreams, near the end Flynn tells Rapunzel that she was his new dream. How wonderful is that. Cheesy, I know, but lovely.

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