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Mickey's Wild Adventure PS1

I haven't had loads of Disney computer games in my time, but I've had a few. Mickey's Wild Adventure for Playstation 1 was my first. We never had a PS1, but when my parents bought my brother and me a Playstation 2 this Mickey game was one of the games they bought us at the same time. I still have it now, although to make the game work I have to turn the PS2 upside down.

SIDE NOTE: Some of our older games don't work on our PS2 anymore UNTIL – you put the game in, turn off the PS2, turn the PS2 UPSIDE-DOWN, then turn it on again (whilst still upside down) and press reset. Then it will be able to read and play the game. I know it sounds mental, but it works. The internet gave me the answer, I obviously didn't come up with this on my own. I felt very nervous the first time I did it, but I told myself: the game doesn't work anyway so if this messes up the disc then it's no loss, but IT DID WORK and it sparked so much joy for me. Absolute game changer.

In Mickey's Wild Adventure you work your way through Mickey's films, starting with Steamboat Willie. It's mostly in 2D, apart from some levels where you're running down a spiral staircase which are in the most basic 3D graphics. It's a fun little game, but you can't save; although I think one of the few times I completed it it only took me a couple of hours. I'm really glad I still have the option to play it with the upside-down PS2 trick!

A couple of other Disney games I owned in the past were two great, if basic, PC games – Hercules and Tarzan. The Tarzan game had a menu of different mini games, including one where you could record your own "Trashing the Camp" track by clicking on pots and pans around Jane's campsite and recording loops of the noises. It also had a game where you had to bounce a ball around a square and hit the right coloured cubes inside the square… there was something about turning the ball the colour relating to an animal and then you had to bounce the ball into the cube that had a picture of what that animal eats… Whatever it was, it was very addictive! I liked the Hercules game too, you just followed through the story of Hercules and played mini games as you went along, including a simple sing-along video where each song shows up and randomly a game of chequers with Hades at one point.

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