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M.U. cap

I had my eye (…my EYE – Mike has one eye…) on this Monsters University cap on the Shop Disney .com website before I went on my last trip to Disney World, in 2017. I love a Disney merchandise item that is basically an exact prop from its movie, but is still useful – especially if its from a Pixar movie. This is a Monsters University cap from the film of the same name: Monsters University. A young Mike Wazowski is given it on a school trip to Monsters Inc. when he begins dreaming of becoming a scarer at the company. Mike eventually attends Monsters University and wears the cap on his first day.

Image source: https://disney.fandom.com/wiki/Mike_Wazowski

I saw this cap in the gift shop at our Disney hotel when we popped in there on our first morning. What I should have done was bought the damn hat there and then, but for some reason I didn't… so we spent a first brilliant day at Hollywood Studios (my favourite Walt Disney World park) in the hot Florida sun and by the second afternoon of our holiday (at Animal Kingdom) I was suffering from heat exhaustion… -__-

After a few hours of feeling very sick, spending our evening meal at The Rainforest Café mostly with my head in a toilet, and watching Rivers of Light for the very first time through my eyelids (I fell asleep on Eddy's shoulder), I learnt my lesson and bought the M.U. cap the next morning before we boarded our bus!!

Apart from my first ever trip to Disney World when my parents bought me a Minnie Mouse ears headband (can't remember how much time I actually spent wearing them), I've never really been a wearer of Mickey ears. In addition to Mickey ears's reputation as head squeezers, this heat exhaustion saga made it clear to me that I will never be an ears wearer in Florida, because I need to have a proper hat on my English, thin-skulled (is this a thing?), thick-haired head – otherwise I'll be spending more time worrying that I suddenly can't handle rollercoasters and chilling in restaurant restrooms rather than eating that tasty Disney food! So I'm really glad that I found a Disney-themed cap to wear instead. There's now rarely a time when the sun is out – wherever I am – that this hat isn't on my head.

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