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Pizza Planet T-shirt

I actually bought this T-shirt at HMV. I saw it and knew I needed it.

For those who don't know, Pizza Planet is the restaurant that Andy and his mum go to in Toy Story. The Pizza Planet truck that Woody and Buzz hitch a ride on to the restaurant is featured in nearly every Pixar film (according to Pixar, it's not in The Incredibles) – a favourite easter egg of Pixar fans. There also used to be a Pizza Planet restaurant in the Hollywood Studios theme park, it's now Pizze Rizzo – a pizza place run by Rizzo the rat from The Muppets! Thankfully the pizza is exactly the same though.

Controversially, I LOVE the pizza here. I think the general opinion is that it's cheap rubbish pizza, but from the first time I tried it in 2001 to our first trip to Pizze Rizzo in 2017, I've still thought their cheese and tomato pizza is the best pizza I've ever eaten. It's deep pan and probably loaded with sugar – so tasty. If we hadn't been in lockdown right now I would have been able to get a screenshot of a 9 year-old me stuffing my face at Pizza Planet for the first time. Luckily for you I can't go to my parents' to get the DVD of our trip, so you've been spared.

Sometimes my role as a custodial cast member took me into Pizza Planet, which I enjoyed as they were always playing Toy Story music. I made sure we went to Pizze Rizzo for a meal on our 2017 trip. It was lunchtime on our first day and pretty quiet around the Muppets area of Hollywood Studios. It was a reasonable temperature so we sat out on the veranda and had it all to ourselves. It was lovely. I'm sad it's not still Pizza Planet, but they now have a dedicated Toy Story area elsewhere in the park, so it wouldn't have made sense to keep it. I'm just thankful they kept the pizza – although it is the basic Disney pizza recipe so I could have still eaten it somewhere else in Walt Disney World.

I think most Disney World fans can feel that the Muppets are slowly being put under pressure by the mighty Star Wars; their lovely little square is going to be valuable real estate that the galaxy far far away could make use of. Hopefully the bosses at Hollywood Studios appreciate people's love for the nostalgia they find in the Muppets' corner of the park, and Pizze Rizzo and Muppet*Vision 3-D can stay around a little longer.

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