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Powerline T-shirt

This is one of my favourite T-shirts. Powerline is a character in the film A Goofy Movie. The film is about Goofy and his son Max – Goofy takes Max on a road trip in an attempt to improve their relationship. Max doesn't want to be on the road trip, he just wishes he was going to the big Powerline concert in Los Angeles. Obviously a combination of many wacky, and also actually quite heartfelt, things happen on the road trip, but in the finale of the film Goofy and Max end up on-stage with Powerline at his concert. Together they sing the song "Eye to Eye", which is one of the most uplifting Disney songs ever! (See below!)

I love that the T-shirt is designed to look as though it's a gig T-shirt from the tour that Powerline might have been doing when he performs in A Goofy Movie. It even has a list of cities and countries on the back. 1995 is the year of the tour, because that's the year when A Goofy Movie was released.

Many people like to say that this is an underrated film, but I think that's maybe just among normal people… Anyone who likes Disney films more than the average person will have probably seen A Goofy Movie and no doubt appreciates how good it is. It's a lovely film about a father–son relationship, is funny, heartfelt, and has some great songs.

The best songs of the movie, in my opinion, are of course the Powerline songs: Eye to Eye and Stand Out. Powerline is voiced by Tevin Campbell and he has a great voice. If you get chance, give Eye to Eye a listen, oh look here's the link to a video of an Eye to Eye cover by Disney's DCappella!

Watch it, you'll feel better after.

I think that last point probably hits on why I love Disney films and Disney music so much, it's why most people like Disney films – they make us feel better. Some people may think it's childish to enjoy Disney films (so what if we're still young at heart?) but as long as the people enjoying Disney films are ENJOYING them… isn't that all that matters? These films and songs make people like me so happy, and I only hope the people who don't get that feeling from Disney can get that feeling from somewhere else.

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