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Up top

This was another purchase from Marketplace Co-op at Disney Springs; that shop sure does have some lovely stuff in it – lovely expensive stuff…

I really like Carl and Ellie (from Up)'s story – who doesn't? It's heartbreaking yet adorable and real. I like how the montage at the start of Up shows us that Carl and Ellie have ups and downs like a real couple, and this artwork of them is just so sweet.

In addition, I was just immediately drawn in by how flipping bright and colourful the balloons are! They really stand out on the soft white material. Even though I really like this top I purposely try not to wear it much, because I don't want the colours to fade with too much washing!

I don't really have a lot more to say on this item. I love bright colours and I love a love story, I guess that's all.

I try to be very picky with my Disney clothing purchases, it has to be something I really like and is maybe a bit different from items I've seen before. I don't have a lot of clothing with just Mickey Mouse on, for example – otherwise, if I wasn't strict with myself, I'd end up with wardrobes and drawers rammed with clothes that would never get worn! The good thing about buying clothes at Walt Disney World is that a lot of the same items are sold in different shops across the whole resort, so it gives you a bit of a chance to think about a purchase before impulse buying everything you kinda like. If I see something, I know I'll probably see it again, so if I still really like it the next times I see it then I'll know I'll be happy wearing it.

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