• Claire Gell

Walt & Mickey T-shirt

I love the picture on this T-shirt. I love the shot of a silent Main Street USA with Cinderella's castle in the background, but I especially love that it looks like Mickey and Walt are just having a chat about the park. Mickey is centre-stage, as always.

The slightly sad thing about this picture is that Walt never got to see Main Street USA in Disney World, because he died in 1966. His original plan for Florida had been an Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow (which later became the inspiration for the EPCOT theme park we have today). But in Walt's absence his brother Roy and the team decided to build a park based on Disneyland instead – the Magic Kingdom.

Some people today have a lot of negative things to say about Walt Disney, I'm not sure why those people are so quick to want to cut him down. What I do know is that he created the company that brings me joy beyond anything else in the world that isn't a person. And I also know that I absolutely loved watching the documentary series The Imagineering Story and seeing and hearing more about Walt and his love of stories, the parks, and being curious about moving forward. In the episode that covered the time frame of Walt's death there were interviews with some of the men who had worked closely with Walt. When speaking about his death, tears came to their eyes and for a moment they couldn't speak, because – nearly 45 years after Walt's death – they were still so sad for losing him. If that isn't evidence of a great man, then I don't know what is.

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